Oliver Siebeck (1961) Wanne-Eickel, Germany. He studied ethnology at the FU Berlin and completed an acting education at the Freie Theater Institute in Berlin. The time is the basic order system in Oliver Siebeck‘s working method. He writes patterns on paper with a typewriter. Machine writing becomes a form of drawing. According to the same principle, Oliver Siebeck develops site specific noise compositions for certain rooms, presented as audio installations. The starting material of its compositions consists of spoken language as well as natural and city noises. Numerous sound installations, performances and graphic work. His performances and exhibitions took place in Germany, Argentina, Ireland and the USA.
His works are represented in the following collections: Collections Butler, Columbia University, New York; Fundación 865, Buenos Aires; Museum der Dinge, Berlin; Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany

Recent exhibitions and projects:

2024Flusserbiografie(solo) Vilem Flusser Archives, Berlin
2023Nichts ist verborgen/… PROTOCOL drj-art-projects, Berlin
2022 8 105 /Isang Yun 1917 - 1995 (solo)
        International Isang Yun Society in collaboration with drj-art-projects,
2021 Alphabete/Nummern UPSPACE,(G) drj-art-projects, Berlin
        Gelbfilm/Klimafilm (Digitalprojektion) drj-art-projects, Berlin (solo)
2018 Isang Yun Biografie Isang Yun Haus, Berlin-Kladow (solo)
2017 The Golden Book/Book 1/Book 2/Book 3 (Artist book) NY Art Book
        Fair, PS 1,
        Collection Libraries Butler, Columbia University, New York,NY, USA